I… am a digital native. BP2

Bing search for laptop. Source: www.webdesignamigo.com

Bing search for laptop. Source: http://www.webdesignamigo.com

Being the generation of the “digital natives” we have been coined lazy by older generations, however, I don’t believe that to be the truth. We have actually been blessed by the digital age, having the opportunity to use technology for a multitude of resources not put into a paper book.  In a way Professor Wolff’s statement is true and a compliment. An important thing he noticed is the speed when reading that this generation has acquired. Due to the busy life social media is often squeezed into little break sessions; therefore you can’t spend a large amount of time reading the posts. That speed is then transferred to studying too, creating more time to look for information in other places that coincides with the initial information they read.  With the extra information they have gathered it actually gives them a more well-rounded insight into the text and their answers, which makes it easier to remember the information in class when it is asked to expand thoughts on the reading. That is one aspect Wolff doesn’t understand, making his statement seem somewhat offensive. In Professor Wolff’s last statement he says, “They have trouble synthesizing different pieces of information into a coherent interpretative framework of their own.” The Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of synthesis is:  The action of proceeding in thought from causes to effects, or from laws or principles to their consequences. While Wolff is saying we have problems taking all the information we have gathered to make our own ideas that are relevant with the initial thoughts, I disagree. I think the majority of the generation has a keen eye to take all the information and remix it into a truth they support.  Therefore, using the “hybrid of Google searches and high school textbooks” actually helps us have a great deal of knowledge to be able to synthesize our findings.




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