Mads: The later years.

Because I am awful with technology I was looking for another site when I stumbled upon this word press I was in the middle of creating two years ago. After changing a few things, to switch this from being an assignment to an actual blog-type thing, and deleteing several post I wanted to give this blogging thing another try. So what did I want to get off my chest? I am on the downhill slope of my undergrad degree which comes with many different emotions. It feels like I have lived in Stillwater forever but at the same time I remember high school graduation like it was yesterday. However, the Madesen I am today is only a slight glimmer of the Madesen Marie Shippman that walked across that stage those short years ago. I could not be more grateful to my God who created this change within me. I am stronger- I am more kind (which is a direct correlation from THE Oklahoma State University I guarantee it)- I know how to love better- I am bolder- I laugh louder- I am funnier- I am more confident- I am humble. Granted through this change I am still nowhere near perfect, sin has its strong hold on me just like everyone else, I believe in my walk with the Lord. I believe he took away my sin by sending Jesus to die on that cross. I always knew this but I wasn’t ever CONFIDENT enough to SHARE this good news. YELL it from the rooftops. Include it in a blog post. I am a better version of myself because I am constantly pushed to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord through from the lessons I have learned in Stillwater


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