About Me

Well, as you can already tell my name is Madesen. It is pronounced Mad-eh-sin, just like most people pronounce Madison, if you didn’t already know. My parents’ theory is they wanted to spell my name exactly how it sounds…. not sure how well that worked out for them but at least I have something unique going for me. I am from South OKC/Moore, Oklahoma and a piece of my heart will always belong there. But for now, I am completely content with the life God has blessed me with in Stillwater, Oklahoma- forever loyal and true to Oklahoma State University- where I am currently studying to be an elementary school teacher. Why? For the pay, obviously. Or to be able to be a positive influence in the generation of tomorrow.

I have some of the best friends and family around, I don’t care if I am biased or not. My favorite people to spend time with are my niece and nephew because no one else tells you like it is than a 6 year old, and no one makes you smile bigger than the cutest two year old boy I have ever seen. And I also love to chill with my pup because she is the best listener/non-interrupter I have in my life. My favorite hobby is laughing and making others laugh. I also enjoy watching Oklahoma State Athletics (Go Pokes), playing board games, and Netflixing my free time away.


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